CHOICHUN LEUNG "The Watchful Eyes"

Morton Fine Art is pleased to present The Watchful Eyes, a solo presentation of new paintings by New York-based artist Choichun Leung, on view from January 19 – February 17, 2022. Reflective of the past decade of the artist’s practice, Leung’s latest body of work chronicles pathways towards healing from childhood sexual abuse.

A self-taught painter with a background in silversmithing, Leung’s investigations of painting’s use as a vehicle for memory began in 2006. Working at the intersections of cathartic ritual and narrative storytelling, Leung’s initially abstract imagery gradually gave way to figural translations of lived experience. In 2012, the artist began The Young Girl Project, an ongoing series of autobiographical drawings that revealed an inner world she had long suppressed.


Timed to the ten-year anniversary of Leung’s inception of The Young Girl Project, The Watchful Eyes presents surrealist tableaus that together construct a world drawn from the artist’s memories and dreams. By juxtaposing fantastical and realist elements, Leung’s Boschian landscapes capture the emotional density layered within her work’s difficult subject matter.