Choichun Leung

Choichun Leung

(Brooklyn, NY b. UK) 


I have kept a dream journal for years, and these night-time journeys inspire and inform my art with happenings from my day and the morphing of its impact and narrative by night. Art is where my dream world and reality collide and becomes physical.  

My work interprets and documents the symbols and visual data of ‘memory clips’ from experiences in both worlds and is my connection to the subconscious and the magical. 


Art is my vehicle to visually communicate and tell stories, to inspire dialogue, educate, and heal, encouraging viewers to overlay their own story, memory, or meaning and creating the space for interpretation. - CHOICHUN LEUNG, 2021 


Choichun Leung was raised in Wales, born to a British mother and Chinese father. Leung earned a degree in 3D design specializing in metal smithing in the U.K., and later operated a metal studio fabricating her vessel designs and percussion instruments.   Leung participated in the Ray Man Chinese Orchestra in London, performing Chinese classical and folk music.  She later studied Buddhist symbolism at the Yangung Caves archaeological site in China, and afterwards worked as a background artist for animation films in Hong Kong.  


She then assisted the painter Peter Max in New York City throughout the mid-'90s, and briefly pursued audio/visual electronica music composition and performance in Koln, Germany. She began the memory explorations via painting in 2006, and currently works from her studio in Brooklyn, NY. Alongside her painting, Leung is also producing and directing film shorts in parallel with the theme of memory. 


Choichun Leung is the creator of the non-profit organization  'The Young Girl Project' whichgives a face to child sexual abuse while providing a hub of information for children, survivors, and protectors to educate and empower one another to break the silence of abuse. What started as a single sketch has since grown into a multi-disciplinary art project involving drawings, paintings, film, books, activism and collaborations that gives voice to the silent child. Its aim is to raise awareness and break the silence around a taboo subject and involve young adults and children into that conversation. She partnered with Lux Capta Films (First Reformed) as subject and producer of “The Art of Survival”, a mixed media documentary currently in production.


She has been represented by Morton Fine Art since 2010.









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